I was born in 1980 and I live in a small town in the northern part of Lake Como. I started as a child to climb the mountains behind my house and it is here that this passion was born.
When I was 15 I had my first experiences of ski touring and climbing. Since then I have dedicated all my free time collecting various mountaineering ascents in the entire Alpine range.
I love to explore wild and little-known corners of my mountains where I was able to open up new rock and ice routes for other mountain climbers to enjoy. In 1999 I had my first experience of international summits over 6000 mt in Peru, in 2003 the ascent of a new route in India, in 2006 fantastic climbing on the rocks of Madagascar and in 2010 an alpine ski tour of Argentina.
For a few years this passion has also become my profession. I love being in touch with nature by visiting the mountains in all seasons, seeing new places along sharp ridges or down spectacular canyons. I am specialized in canyoning, rope works and I am member of the Mountain Rescue Team.
If you want to achieve your climbing dreams please contact me. I will be happy to accompany you in search of new adventures in the mountains.

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